Winners - Congratulations!

The winners of the Giveaway were:

Book -  (Karen)Lisa Daley
$5 Voucher - Sew to Speak
Free Shipping Voucher - Aguavino

Each person has been contacted by email. 
If you are a winner, let me know if you did not receive my email!

Everyone who participated also received a special discount for their 
next purchase from JFillustrations.

The next giveaway will be held once my FB page reaches 200 "Likes"! 
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Thanks for everyone's participation in my first giveaway!

1 comment:

(Karen) Lisa Daley said...

So happy to have won the book on your giveaway! When I'm finished reading it, I'm going to pass it on to a friend who's 12 year old daughter has chosen to become vegan. I'm hoping it will help my friend to better understand her daughter's choice and for her daughter to feel supported.

Thank you for all the work you do to help animals!

Hugs, Lisa