Vegan Craft Samples On Sale!

I am so looking forward to getting my own Vegan Craft Samples Bag!
I just ordered mine today :) 

This year 100% of sales benefit Joey's Feline Friends, a wonderful cat rescue and sanctuary.

One of the many items donated to Vegan Craft Samples
 I donated some mini-prints and coupons for my Etsy shop for these holiday bags. There are only 25 of the prints, and they have been signed, numbered, and titled.

There are also other brilliant artists that have also donated many fantastic items, such as tea, original artwork, jewellery, hair accessories, soy candles, notecards, and much more. You can view the full list of contributors, HERE.

The other cool thing about this is that all items are vegan, and therefore, cruelty-free!! :)

If you would like to donate items for the next bags, you can do so by visiting the website (above) or if you would like more info on contributors, what people are saying about the bags, and much more, just take a look at the Vegan Craft Samples Facebook page.

I'll post a follow-up review on these bags when I receive mine. I can't wait!!! :D


mvegan said...

Vegan Samples are so awesome! :0) Excited to order and receive mine too and love being involved, thanks for contributing too! Fun helping the kitties!

JFIllustrations said...

Same to you :) I'm glad to be able to help through is fun!
I'm really looking forward to getting your print too :D