One of my Favorite Charities Chosen as the Charity of the Month!

I am so excited that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) was chosen as Team EFA's Charity of the Month!  They are such a great organization. I nominated them and was beyond thrilled when they were picked for this month's COTM this November!

My background is in marine biology/conservation, and it tears me apart to know that the oceans are in such disaray because of human activities. SSCS is one of those no nonsense and no excuses type conservation groups, which I really admire. I am pretty new to EFA and another fellow member suggested we nominate SS, so I went for it too as my first charity nomination!

Do stay tuned for a feature on them and articles on their campaigns every Friday in November on the EFA blog. I hope you enjoy reading them and learning about the oceans this month and how to help! :)

I have chosen the following items to help SSCS with donations from their sales:

I can custom make the pendants also with other animals or bead colors and even matching earrings. Just send me a message/convo me on Etsy :)

I look forward to seeing everyone's COTM picks!! 
To see other items that will help Sea Shepherd through donations from sales during November, just do a search for "team efa cotm" on Etsy


Whskr & Dash Kitten said...

Congratulations on having your nominated charity chosen!!! I am NOT surprised you are thrilled. :-))

JFIllustrations said...

Thanks!! :D