Giveaway on JFIllustrations During November!!

I decided to go for my first JFillustrations giveaway in support of vegan awareness month, which is during the month of November! 

Veganism is a great part of my life. I went vegan for the animals and want to share my passion for them and my vegan lifestyle with you during Vegan Month in a fun way...hence this giveaway! :)

So, just what am I giving away? 

1. A copy of "Vegan Freak: Being Vegan in a Non-vegan World" (One of my fave books! 
Valued at around $10USD) by Bob & Jenna Torres.
For more on this book, Click Here.

2. A $5 voucher to the JFIllustrations store. 

3. Free shipping (including international) on any one order from the JFIllustrations store.
Three people will have an opportunity to win one of these prices. One entry per person.

How to enter:
-  Visit JFIllustrations on Etsy and tell me your favorite item and why. 
- Then tell me a fact about that animal (if you choose a pendant or other animal-featured item) or ocean (if you choose a postcard). Pick a fact that hasn't been used already to keep things interesting!
-Leave your comment below! 

BTW, make sure to leave your contact details, so I can contact you in case you win!! If you do not provide me your contact information, I will have to choose another person.

Giveaway starts November 3rd, 2010 and ends November 30th, 2010. 
I will announce the winners, which will be randomly selected, on December 1st, 2010.

Further Suggestions: 
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Good luck!


Sew To Speak said...

Great giveaway! Thanks so much! I love your sea turtles pendant. It's beautifully drawn and just so incredibly lovely.

I learned that all seven species of sea turtles are listed under the Endangered Species Act, according to, which may or may not be reputable :).

I also hearted you on Etsy!

sewtospeak at gmail dot com

mvegan said...

as you've heard, I LOVE the Rooster b/c Chickens are my friends... I have a chick w/a halo tattoo to symbolize my veganism and commitment to animals :0) I thought it was so cool when I learned that chickens (when given the chance) can fly and like to roost in trees!
I heart your shop and I'll follow your blog too

cerenaleigh said...

love the dolphin pendant

little known fact; dolphins have been known to help swimmers when they are being attacked by a shark by ramming into the shark and forming a protective circle around the swimmer.


Beautiful Imperfections said...

My favorite is the red/pink cat... although I really like them all!

Did you know that if your cat is near you, and her tail is quivering, this is the greatest expression of love your cat can give you?

I already have "liked" your facebook and check your blog and Etsy shop regularly.


(Karen) Lisa Daley said...

I love the sea turtle pendant! Turtle has been a friend since childhood and once was the animal who represented Mother Earth because she too has a hard shell to protect her soft vulnerable insides. That's one reason why it's important to not destroy all the trees and blast holes in the planet to remove gold and other resources. We're only supposed to use what comes to the suface. Turtle can remind us to slow down when things get too frantic, and to withdraw to someplace safe when we need to protect ourselves.

chainsawhoney said...

Wonderful giveaway, good luck to all who enter!

I love the pink cat pendant!

Cats have 3 eyelids! I never knew this until I saw my kitty waking up one day, and noticed there was another eyelid! Researching it some more, I found out they actually have three of them. Pretty cool to me.

Kat M

JFIllustrations said...

Hi everyone!

Sew to Speak - yes, all species of sea turtles are endangered :( BUT it's not too late :) Here are ways to help sea turtles:

mvegan - very cool! I have a tree of life tattoo to symbolize my commitment to animals and veganism. The branches form into a sea horse, elephant, and monkey. There's a calf enjoying the shade, the roots turn into a whale and there's a bird taking flight. My companion bunny sits on top of the tree.

CerenaLeigh - that's amazing!

Georgina & Kat - that's very cool. Cats have a special place in my heart too :)

(Karen) Lisa Daley - that's a wonderful description of turtles!

SSheilah said...

I love the Blue Heron pendant! Great Blue Herons are one of my favorite birds.

Did you know? - another name for the blue heron is "shitepoke". I think maybe because they're always poking their long beaks into "shite", an old word for poop.

You can convo me at

thebluewindmill said...

Great giveaway! I signed up to follow your blog and you may convo me on etsy.

I like the orca pendant. Way cool!

Here's a fun fact about orcas: Water penetrates through the outer cells of their skin so they make few ripples when they're swimming in the ocean.

The tats sound cool too!

Liked the sea turtle story, Lisa!

I never knew that about cats' eyes!
I'll have to watch my cat more closely when he wakes up!

Marija said...

I love the crab pendant!
I learned that crabs have tooth like structures in their stomachs to help them process food.

marija.majerle at gmail dot com

Aik said...

I choose the Sea Star Pendant. Like all echinoderms, starfish are developmentally (embryologically) deuterostomes; a feature they share with chordates (including vertebrates), but not with most other invertebrates. Their embryo initially develops bilateral symmetry, again reflecting their likely common ancestry with chordates. Later development takes a very different path, however, as the developing star fish settles out of the zooplankton and develops the characteristic radial symmetry. As the organism grows, one side of the body grows more than the other, and eventually absorbs the smaller side. After that, the body is formed into five parts around a central axis. Then the echinoderm has radial symmetry.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Nay said...

I love the cat pendant with blue bead...I have 3 cats and blue is my fav color!

reneebrick15 at gmail

Pluto's Gift Shop said...

Awesome Contest!

I love the seahorse pendant! Very original!

"Liked" on under Jennifer Johnson

Hearted you on etsy under Brass And Chain.

TopHat said...

I like the owl pendant! And since I did a report on elf owls in 2nd grade, I know they are the smallest owl in North America!

hrfarley at gmail dot com

JFIllustrations said...

SSheila - that's interesting! I had never heard that before. Maybe it comes from the idea that they can be foun din swamps and people seem to associate swamps as dirty? Although, swamps are actually really clean and amazing ecosystems.

thebluewindmill - Great fact! Thanks :)

Marija - that's an amazing adaptation. Invertebrates are so intriguing!!

Aik - great mini-lesson on sea stars...did you know that sea cucumbers, sand dollars, and sand biscuits are also echinoderms?

Top Hat - Very cool! just looked them up - they are cuties :)

Great entries, everyone! I am learning a lot..hope you are too! :)

alvind95 said...

My favourite item is the blue shark pendant, I just love sharks so much, I know it's dangerous, but I just love them :)

Fun Facts about Blue Shark: Did you know that Females Blue Sharks will most commonly give birth to 25-50 pups? :D

JFIllustrations said...

alvind95 - Sharks are great! I just wrote an article about them and how to help (check out the post after this one!). Thanks for your entry on blue sharks :)

Scrappy Rat said...

It was a tough choice picking only one favorite item since I like so many different ones, but I'm going to choose the dove hair pins. Interesting fact about them: for some reason many humans seem to think pigeons are gross and doves are beautiful and magestic. They're both the same animal, people. Silly humans! Be nice to the pigeons.

princess.puppy at

JFIllustrations said...

Hi Scrappy Rat - thanks! Great fact - so true!!

CerenaLeigh said...

I have such a love for owls. Of course, the owl pendant is my favorite!

*Owls have been depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphics. They have been a common symbol in folklore for thousands of years- even pictures of owls have been found in cave paintings in France that date back over 20,000 years.


JFIllustrations said...

CerenaLeigh - Great choice! Owls are very interesting beings indeed...I have met a few owls at the Audubon Bird of Prey Center in FL. It's a bird rescue and rehabilitation hospital. They are just amazing! :)

Marei said...

I love the butterfly hair pins

fact: Butterflies cannot fly if their body temperature is less than 86 degrees.

daylight_0013 at yahoo dot com

thepricklypinecone said...

I adore the rabbit pendant! It could be because we have 2 of our own.

When scared rabbits will thump their back leg against the ground to scare predators and warn other rabbits. They are also sadly the most neglected and abused domestic animal in the UK and it is thought America also.


Claire said...

The flower design hairclips are my fave. I'm always on the look out for pieces no-one else has.

Aguavino said...

I'm usually all about the birds (GBH is my fav, too, and I have it in tattoo on my arm), but I'm going to pick the sea turtle for this one! Seeing them in person in Hawaii a few years ago was an amazing experience (and great photo opp!) Interesting fact is that when they come to sunbathe on the sand at the North Shore beach, there are ropes that people put around them to keep looky-loos at a certain distance from them.

leah said...

well, i LOVE your vegan celtic claddagh pendant... obviously. but all of your stuff is just terrific. you're an inspiration, you beautiful, creative lady!

xoxo leah

Anonymous said...

Julia I love all your designs! But I think the flower hair clip is my fav. But since you would like an interesting fact about sea life how about this...cnidarians look like underwater flowers (google Oulactis mucosa - one of my fav anemones to photograph underwater). So beautiful yet so nasty to their prey as they are armed with millions of stinging cells called nematocysts. Natures self defence at its finest!


JFIllustrations said...

Thank you for entering the giveaway, everyone! I appreciate your lovely comments and have enjoyed reading your facts very much!

The giveaway is officially now over, so no more entries will be considered as of today.

I am now on my way to randomly select the winners. Good luck!!! :)