Creature Feature - Donkeys

Hermione, the Donkey, from DSS

An article written by myself titled "When Donkeys and an Artist Collide (in a good way!)" and the Donegal Donkey Sanctuary (DSS) was featured on the  EFA: Artist Helping Animals Blog. 

To read about helping donkeys through your art work and more
visit the blog HERE.

Donkey Fact: Donkeys are domesticated decendants from wild African Donkeys, Equus africanus. Less than 200 wild donkeys remain in the wild and are labeled as critically endangered. Reasons for their decline include hunting for food and medicinal purposes. Climate and human/livestock impacts are also adding to their decline.

There are many domesticated donkeys that are also in need of help due to abuse, neglect, and more.

The following sanctuaries help donkeys around the world:

Donkey Sanctuary, USA

Donkey Sanctuary, UK

Donkey Sanctuary, Canada

Donkey Sanctuary, Ireland

Donkey Sanctuary, Australia

Donkey Sanctuary, Israel

Donkeys Sanctuary, Aruba


Fairy Cardmaker said...

Wow, I didn't know there was a Donkey Sanctuary in Canada. Not only that, but it is about 1 hr down the highway from me!

I'll ask them if they would like a donation of handmade cards for the store.

Thanks for the share! Donkey's are indeed the "forgotten horses". They are so lovable and hardworking.

JFIllustrations said...

That's brilliant! Let me know what they say :) I'd be happy to feature them and your donated cards on my blog!