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Sadly, there are only about 100,000 to 200,000 chimps left in the wild. Jane Goodall (2001)  proclaimed chimpanzees among the most threatened primates in Africa as they have already become extinct in four of their previously habitated countries.

The main threats that chimpanzees face is:
 -The expansion of agricultural and living space for the human population
 -Industrial logging
 -Bush fires
 -Poaching for bushmeat
 -The live capture of young chimpanzees for the pet trade

Extinction may be around the corner or maybe not. It's up to each and every one of us to speak up against the plight of any species which is in danger of disappearing due to human-made causes.

Most of us will have only encountered chimpanzees in unnatural settings. Be it zoos, circuses, etc...but these are not a solution to a very serious problem. Apart from keeping these animals in unnatural small settings and even abusing them, these institutions do nothing to help matters in the chimp's natural habitat, which itself is disappearing with every passing day.

Write to your decision/law makers and let them know you care about the fate of chimpanzees and all wildlife.  Ask them to stop the wildlife and pet trade. Support legislation that helps wildlife and continue to educate yourself on these matters. Educate others on what you know - knowledge is no good if it is not shared.

Organizations & Sanctuaries that actually help chimpanzees:

The Jane Goodall Institute

Chimp Haven

Primary Primates


For More Conservation Organizations & Sanctuaries, Click HERE.

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